GO AHEAD...CALL ME A RINO AGAIN! Why this latest Trump gaffe makes my support of Clinton look genius

I heard the "drug dealers and rapists" comments about Mexicans during his campaign announcement in Trump Tower.  I heard the "We're going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it". OK... I get it. There are Americans who believe that border security is a key issue and he was pandering to his up and coming base of voters. I can move on from there. 

I saw the bullying and amateur attacks on other Republicans during the debates in the GOP primary.  OK, he is an @*$hole.  There are Americans who believe that America is too politically correct.  He continued to pander to his up and coming base of voters. I can move on from there, too.

I even saw the HORRIBLE debate performance by the GOP nominee where he looked like a boorish amateur in a race for class president.  I thought that Hillary did a great job of putting chum in the water and watching Trump bite like a rabid Great White Shark on a feeding frenzy. She looked presidential...he looked like Animal House.  But, hey....I get it...there are those in the Republican Party that will back the GOP nominee no matter what.  And I can respect that.  I am not one of those Republicans...but I get it, none the less.

BUT NOW...we have this video that has the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, do everything from admitting that "when you are a star", you can do anything, including sexual assault by grabbing a woman "by the (insert derogatory term for female genitalia)"... to admitting that he was actively trying to engage in marital infidelity... THIS IS NOT PRESIDENTIAL!!!  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!  

THEN, if that was not HORRIBLE ENOUGH...he puts out that shameful apology video! Let's fact check the claims in Trump's video message on Facebook.  

TRUMP CLAIM- "I never claimed to be a perfect person". 
FACT CHECK- This is true... he has never admitted that he was GOD, but he has claimed to be a minor deity in the Republican Party.  

(JOKE BREAK- Do you know the difference between God and Donald Trump? God has never claimed to be Donald Trump!)

TRUMP CLAIM: "Anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who I am"
FACT CHECK:  This is complete and total B.S.  These words reflect EXACTLY who you are...which is a shallow, egotistical, misogynistic, sociopath who will lie, cheat and steal to whatever he feels best suits his needs.  In this case...running for President.

Well... enough is enough. 

First, to Mr. Trump... you have demonstrated your complete and total lack of qualification, capability, credibility, and experience to be President of the United States.  You have created a campaign based on lies, fear, demagoguery, and hatred.  You have alienated the following sectors of the Republican Party...
-LGBT (or the Log Cabin sector)
-Native Americans
-Elected Republican Officials
-College Educated White Males
And on top of that, you are hemorrhaging political support.  Hell, YOUR OWN RUNNING MATE IS RUNNING FOR THE DOOR... HE WON'T EVEN SHOW UP TO AN EVENT WITH YOU! If this is not a telling sign of the political apocalypse that is ahead for the Republican Ticket, I do not know what is. 

To the Republican Party leadership, you made this bed...now you get to lay in it!  From Reince on down the line...you did NOTHING to try and prevent this.  This is going to be a disaster of historic magnitude. And practical Republicans, like myself, get to stand by and watch it like the Towering Inferno it is.  What are we going to do....have another political "autopsy" and create another Growth and Outreach Plan?  We've done that, and look what IT got us....TRUMP!!!!

Now, to all of my Republican "friends" that call me a Democrat or a RINO (Republican In Name Only)...keep calling me those names.  All I know is, that those monikers do not bother me at all.  What keeps me awake at night is the current state of the political party that I have been proud to call my own since I was of age to register to vote in this country.  

Let me be clear...Trump and all of his lemmings in the party, do not represent the party that I know.  The party that I know is the Party of Lincoln.  The party that I know is the compassionate conservative that was Ronald Reagan.  The party that I know is the political courage of George H.W. Bush in his term as President.  In today's terms, the Party that I know lies in the hearts of people like Gov. Charlie Baker (Ma.), Gov. Larry Hogan (Md), Gov. Nikki Haley (SC), Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John Thune... These are practical Republicans who represent the future of the Republican Party that I can be proud of calling my own again.

Finally, to everyone that asks me why do I not switch parties and just join the Democrats? Well, the answer is simple...that is the easy and cowardice way to deal with this situation.  What I am doing is not easy.  What I am doing by staying in the GOP is what everyone should be doing...changing the party from within.

So go ahead... call me a RINO... call me a Democrat.  I get to sleep peacefully at night knowing that I have made choices that I believe are the best for the nation...not just party line.


Justin Russell

JUSTIN THOMAS RUSSELL currently serves as the Principal Director for RIALTAS PUBLIC STRATEGIES, LLC (RPS) in Washington, D.C. In his role with RPS, Mr. Russell is tasked with assisting his clients with Government Affairs and Advocacy, Campaign Strategy, Regulatory / Compliance Analysis, and Strategic Government Development for Businesses seeking to enter into the Government Business Sector. In a career spanning over 24 years, he has fostered strong relationships with leaders within the Federal Government in addition to state and federal legislators. Prior to creating RPS, Mr. Russell served as the Director of Corporate Strategy and International Affairs for Avaya Government Solutions in Fairfax, VA. His duties there included developing and executing the strategic vision of the company in the civilian government sector as well government / client relations. His organization included corporate marketing, proposal development, and focused on areas of growth that converge information technology solutions and communications with Government mission requirements. Previously, as the Director of Maritime and Border Security for General Dynamics Information Technology, he lent his knowledge to a team responsible for providing a wide-range of technological solutions and subject matter expertise. As a seasoned authority, he advised both government and private sector clients on issues regarding port security, border security programs, policy development, grant acquisition, and emergency response and preparedness. Prior to joining General Dynamics Information Technology, Mr. Russell was the president and managing partner of SPG/Florida Atlantic Consultants, a firm specializing in government affairs, emergency management, crisis communications, and community development. During his tenure, along with being a veteran of several political and grass roots campaigns, he collaborated with federal and state lawmakers on critical issues involving commercial maritime interests, energy and power generation, public safety, environmental protection and emergency management. He also worked closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of numerous public and private clients. Mr. Russell is a 12 year veteran of the United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve. During his tenure with the Coast Guard, he served in areas involving Law Enforcement, Alien / Migrant Interdiction Operations, Maritime Safety and Security. While acquiring enterprise management skills through business ownership, he also gained exceptional knowledge of legislative processes and procedures, appropriations, grants management, and government procurement operations at the state and federal levels. He has written articles for several publications and has been featured in articles for Homeland Security Today, Homeland Defense Journal and domesticpreparedness.com. He is also a regular guest lecturer on Politics and Government at Georgetown University and American University. Mr. Russell currently resides in Washington, D.C.