The Votes Are In

Tuesday night marked an important feat for Democrats as the primary results from the states of Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

The state of Connecticut held a primary for a heavily contested gubernatorial race. The outgoing governor, Dannel Malloy is said to be deeply unpopular within his state, giving Republican’s a chance to change the time in the November election. The democratic candidate up for governor is Ned Lamont. He is a business executive running on a campaign promise of rolling back property taxes and investing more in education. Bob Stefanowski, a former banking executive, is the Republican nominee. His campaign platform includes eliminating the state’s income tax. Lamont won 81.2% of the Democratic primary votes and Stefanowski won 29.4% of the Republican votes.

Minnesota held a primary to see who would be on the ballot to replace their retiring governor Mark Dayton. In a close three-way race, US Representative Tim Walz secured the nominee with 41% of the democratic votes. Republicans nominated Jeff Johnson with 52% of the vote. Johnson unsuccessfully ran for governor back in 2014. Minnesota Senator Tina Smith is hoping to be re-elected for the first time this November as she secured 76% of the Democratic primary vote. Her Republican challenger will be Karin Housely who won 61% of the Republican vote.

Vermont is looking to oust their one term governor, Phil Scott who grew increasingly unpopular with his efforts to strengthen gun control. Scott secured the Republican Primary vote with 67% of the vote. The Democrats has a some unique candidates on their primary ballot including 14-year-old Ethan Sonneborn who won 8% of the vote. The winner of the primary however was Christine Hallquist, a former electric co-op executive and the first transgender individual to be nominated a govenaveral candidate winning 48% of the vote.

The state of Wisconsin also held a primary for their governor's office. Their current governor, Republican Scott Walker is up for reelection and Democrats are hoping to vote him out. From the eight democrats who were put on the ballot, the winner from Tuesday nights eight Democratic nominees, was Tony Evers, who won 41% of the votes. Evers currently serves as the chief of public education for the state. The First Congressional District of Wisconsin also held a notable election making an effort to fill Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat as he steps down at the end of the year. Democrats are hoping to fill the seat with nominee Randy Bryce, an ironworker and union organizer. It was not an easy spot to win as his opponent, Cathy Myers ran ads calling out Bryce’s past arrest for both DUI and marijuana use. On the other side of the aisle is Bryan Steil, ran in the primary with the endorsement of Ryan. Bryce won 59% of the Democratic vote and Steil won 51% of the Republican vote.