Cohen's Tapes and a Trade Truce

News broke last Friday of tape recording conversations between the Donald Trump and Michael Cohen. The content of those tapes were played on CNN this morning. The tape relayed on conversation between the two men discussing how they would  buy the rights to Karen McDougal’s story claiming to have an affair with Trump years earlier - this is an affair Trump still denies. Revelations of these audio tapes have sparked a divide between Trump and long time ally Cohen. Cohen in currently facing a criminal investigation by the US attorney’s office in Manhattan for personal finance issues, including payments made to Stormy Daniels on behalf of Trump prior to the 2016 election. Court filings reveal 12 separate audio tapes all involving conversations with Trump. Rudy Giuliani, attorney for president Trump, seems to believe that the recordings will not hurt his client.

Trump today also brokered a deal with the European Union today, supposedly eliminating tariffs between the two nations. Trump met today with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today and agreed to lower industrial tariffs and import more U.S. soybeans."We agreed today, first of all, to work together towards zero tariffs, zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsides for the non-auto industrial goods." Trump did not mention any conversation the two had regarding automobile tariffs but did say they were likely to remain.