Preparing the Right Attitude

With the North Korean summit occurring five days Trump is talking to the press about his preparations… or lack thereof. As the first American President to sit down with a North Korean Leader, White House staff has been working tirelessly to ensure all aspects are prepared. Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today to develop a unified strategy to approach the denuclearization of North Korea and its ballistic missile program.   Trump told reporters that he felt  “very well-prepared," and he is under the impression that he doesn’t have to prepare very much because the summit is all about “attitude." Trump went on to say that he believed the summit would be “fruitful” and “exciting” and further suggested that he might a second summit with North Korea to discuss the nuclear program in North Korea. Despite Trump's comments that he is preparing his attitude, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assure the press that Trump receives "daily briefings" from his national security team. Pompeo said; “I am very confident the president will be fully prepared when he meets with his North Korean counterpart.”