Republican Comments On An F.B.I. Investigation and Trump Wishes He Had A Different Attorney General

A classified Justice Department briefing last week revealed that the FBI had deployed an informant to gather information from advisors to Trump's 2016 campaign. Senior House Republican, Trey Gowdy (R- S.C.) said that the steps taken by the F.B.I. were appropriate especially given the pressure the Justice Department was receiving from Trump; “I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got”. Trump claimed that and F.B.I. informant approaching members of his foreign policy team constituted nefarious surveillance. The Justice Department responded to this claim by stating that informants such as this are a staple of counterintelligence investigations such as the one launched to look into Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.  Gowdy stated that he would understand the president’s frustration of an F.B.I. investigation being perpetuated by Democrats and intelligence officials who are trying to cover up proof that the Obama administration embedded a spy in Trump’s campaign. But as Gowdy further pointed out, the investigation is continuing under F.B.I. Director Chris Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, both of whom are Trump appointees.


The question of whether or not Trump has attempted to impede Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia investigation has been asked for some time. Trump has previously stated that he need a ‘loyalist’ to oversee the inquiry and publicly as well as privately attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recusing himself. The Special Counsel is taking a particular interest in Mr. Sessions role as a witness in the investigation into obstruction of justice on the part of Trump, as well as Trump's interactions with the firing of former F.B.I. director James B. Comey. Lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani has urged Trump to answer questions before the Special Counsel but stated that he should not be forced to discuss private deliberations with senior administration officials as it could set a dangerous precedent for future presidents. In a tweet at 10 this morning, Trump announced he wished he had chosen a different lawyer to be his attorney general. Prior to his recusal, Trump cited Sessions as a close friend. Now Trump often complains about Sessions, rarely speaks with him and often expresses desire to to get rid of him.