Goodbye Ty Cobb

An announcement by Sarah Huckabee Sanders today confirmed that White House lawyer, Ty Cobb is leaving his position. Rumors of Cobb’s retirement have been circulating for several weeks but it is now confirmed that he will be leaving at the end of May. In a statement to CNN Cobb said, “I've done what I came to do in terms of managing the White House response to the special counsel requests. I'm extremely grateful to the President and Chief Kelly for the opportunity to serve my country”.  Sources from the White House told CNN that Cobb and the President had recently been clashing in their views in regards to the Mueller investigation. In the past weeks Trump has been intensifying his attacks on the Mueller investigation and most recently suggested that the questions issued by Mueller’s team were a “setup and trap”. Cobb was allegedly uncomfortable with the “rancid” relationship between Mueller and the White House and stated that he would not be “a part of a mudslinging campaign”.

Replacing Cobb will be Emmet Flood, who previously represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment process. There is not real scene of what Flood’s duties in the White House will be, but there is speculation that he may take over for McGahn should he leave the White House in the coming months.