Cohen in Court , Trump on Taxes

A New York court today denied the block sought by both Michael Cohen and President Donald Trump. After a near three-hour hearing, Manhattan Federal Court Judge Kimba Wood denied the request for a Cohen, Trump or a Third party to be the first to review the material discovered in the raid of Cohen's office and hotel room. After hearing arguments as to wether or not the communications seized were privileged or not, Judge Wood determined that prosecutors were able to move forward in the initial stages of their review.  “I have faith in the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office that their integrity is unimpeachable,” Wood said during the hearing. “I think that a taint team is a viable option". Wood did indicate that she may appoint a "special master to determine what docunments involving Trump are and are not privileged. 

The President today went to Hialeah, Florida to host a round table on taxes. In a discussion with small business leaders Trump promoted a $1.5 trillion tax cut package Republicans pushed through the end of last year. According to Trump what made these tax cuts possible was allowing larger corporations to give bonuses to some of their employees. Trump claimed that the tax plan would be the  "last time you're going to fill out that long complicated horrible return". Trump went on to talk about trade, and slighted both Mexico and the European Union saying "in many cases our friends are worse than our enemies". Trump slammed unfair trade deals saying that it is "very hard to do business", followed by another vow to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.