Ryan to Retire and Continued Congressional Questioning

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, announced that he would be retiring after this year. Ryan's announcement ends his three year tenure as Republican leader in the House. Sources familiar with the decision told Politico that Ryan has no intention to seek another role in politics. Ryan stated that serving as Speaker was one of the greatest honors of his life; "You all know that I did not seek this job. I took it reluctantly, But I have given it all that I have and have no regrets having accepted this responsibility. This has been one of the two greatest honors of my life".  Ryan announced that he made his decision to retire during this past recess after consulting with his wife. Politico has been reporting on the suspected retirement of Ryan since before the Republican tax bill was passed in December. 

Day two of testimony brought Mark Zuckerberg another five hours questioning this time my members of the House Commerce Committee. Members of the House pointed their questions to target Facebook's fundamental buisiness model. Much of what played out on the House floor today, mirrored the same act put on in front of the Senate yesterday; Zuckerberg did not deny regulation, in-fact he referred to it as 'inevitable' but that it should be done carefully and with 'a lot of consideration'. He repeated Facebook's continued effort to prevent future election interference and that he had limited if any knowledge about lawsuits involving his company. The CEO gave no indication that the business model of Facebook would change as a result of its recent scrutiny. Zuckerberg refused to give a one word answer relating to the potential changes that could or could not be made to the model of Facebook and its data collection. 

News broke during Mark Zuckerberg's testimony, acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Tayler, will be stepping down. After only a few weeks, Tayler will step back to his former position as Chief Data Officer. The board of directors for Cambridge Analytica claimed this move would help the company better focus on the various technical investigations and inquiries.