Where it All Began

Several years ago, 3 friends... a former Congressman (a Democrat), a former House of Representatives Parliamentarian (a Republican) and a former State Lobbyist (probably a Republican) ... would meet once a week at a local cigar bar in downtown Washington, DC.  They would discuss the political news of the day, but do it in a way that was not only civil, but without the party line and demagoguery that has overtaken the Nation's Capital.  Eventually, more and more people would join the discussion.

Then just before the election, someone suggested that we should take our roundtable discussion to the airways (or at least the internet)... and BACKROOM POLITICS was established.  

And now, 10 years later...the show has seen many changes (change of venue...some commentators have come and gone) but the mission is still the same... bring civility and statesmanship back to political discussion.  That is what we do...that is our goal... and that is why we are The Best Political Talk Show You've Never Heard Of.